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Signal Towers

Signal Towers
A comprehensive collection of PATLITE's signal towers for a wide range of applications including status indication for machinery and facility operation

Audible Signaling

Audible Alarms
Industrial audible alarms and programmable speakers to be heard over production noises with alarms or messages with sound up to 110dB

Network Enabled Signaling

Network Enabled Signaling
A wide range of visual and audible signaling devices enable remote and real-time monitoring for predictive maintenance, OEE, safety, and security

LED Illumination

Industrial Illumination
Rugged, durable illumination light bars with IP rating suited to withstand high-pressure wash downs, coolants, and oil for industrial use

Warning Lights

Warning Lights
PATLITE's warning lights provide ultra-bright and clear signals to ensure reliable signaling and safety at any workplace


About Us
PATLITE is dedicated to providing safety, security, and comfort to workplaces and facilities throughout the world

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