Celebrating 75 Years of Safety, Security, and Comfort

PATLITE celebrates the 75th year of offering visual and audible signaling solutions for the process and industrial automation industries. Our quality products are a result of innovative and robust design, long industry experience, and commitment to safety and security.


Since 1947, PATLITE has offered state-of-the-art equipment for the process and industrial automation industries. Innovative and durable design, backed by years of industry experience and a strong commitment to safety and security, has made PATLITE the world's best known manufacturer of visual and audible signaling devices. Headquartered in Japan, PATLITE has more than 1000 employees worldwide with wholly-owned sales subsidiaries in the USA, Mexico, Germany, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, and China.

Beginning with the invention of a single micromotor, PATLITE has been expanding its technology and product line while focusing on industry trends and innovation. As the industry’s signaling needs shift from simple lights and buzzers to smart, network-capable devices, PATLITE has provided an array of products ranging from wireless data-acquisition systems, programmable signal towers, IO-Link and POE-enabled devices, and more. With constant efforts to meet and exceed customers’ expectations for reliable products, PATLITE continues to deliver safety, security and comfort to workplaces and facilities throughout the world.

Environmental Measures

With an increase in companies being asked to implement active environmental policies, the Patlite Corporation has been involved from an early stage in the development of energy-efficient products to meet the needs of customers and the market.

Some these efforts has included the switch from fluorescent lights to LED-type lighting. However, the environmental measures required by companies is not limited to energy-saving measures, but covers a wide variety of areas, such as the reduction in industrial waste, the disposal of harmful substances from products, and adhering to strict environmental laws. In order to respond to these challenges, we have set out a clear environmental policy, with targets and objectives, and have created a concrete operational management system.

For this reason we obtained the ISO 14001 certification in 2001, and we have worked proactively for systematic environmental protection.


The State of California’s Proposition 65, the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, became law in November of 1986. Effective August 30, 2018, Proposition 65 has updated labeling requirements for businesses to notify consumers with “clear and reasonable” warnings of potentially hazardous chemicals present in products. Warning labels are required on all products that contain chemicals found on the state’s list of over 850 compounds and must specify that the product contains chemicals “known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.”

Warning requirements are dependent on the anticipated level of exposure to the Proposition 65 chemicals, which result from the foreseeable uses of a product. The warning requirements will only apply if the foreseeable and intended uses of a product containing these chemicals are likely to result in exposures that exceed the “significant risk” or “observable effect” levels. A determination of "significant risk” or “observable effect” can only be made with full knowledge of the end uses and applications of the products.

Based upon PATLITE Corporation’s current level of knowledge of our internal business operations and chemicals used, PATLITE Corporation’s products, within normal use, do not require a proposition 65 warning label.

PATLITE Corporation does not control or have knowledge of the end uses or specific applications of our products by our customers. PATLITE Corporation recommends customers review the Proposition 65 regulation to determine the appropriate methods for design and engineering of the customer's own products and the requirements for compliance concerning Proposition 65.

Additional information concerning Proposition 65 can be found at the following website:

Global Network

The PATLITE Company has already built a global network in the market with coverage of 50 or more countries in the world. PATLITE has sales offices established at 9 branches in Japanese domestic market, in Los Angeles, Munich, Shanghai, Seoul, and Singapore, with a system that is ideal to provide the best solution for the customer by including two factories in Sanda, Japan and Batam Island, Indonesia to distribute PATLITE products throughout the world. PATLITE’s global strategy is by promoting its products and aiming to become a No.1 Shareholder in the world, focusing on the Americas, Europe, China, and the Asia/Oceania regions.

PATLITE Global Network