PATLITE Modular LR Series

The LR Series is the most advanced LED Signal Tower line to date. Delivering superior visibility and sound indication, robust construction for harsh, wet environments, and a modular system for easy customizations, the LR Series is equipped to solve the most challenging applications.

LR Series Features
  1. Signal Tower base units available in various diameters and color.

  2. Add a buzzer unit for audible alarm and flashing light.
  3. Modular system allows for easy reconfiguration of 1 to 5 LED units.

  4. For select models, available in cable or terminal block style, 12V DC, 24V DC, or 100-240V AC.
  5. Choose from a wide range of mounting options to fit your specific application.
  6. Manual Control signal towers also available.
  7. LR Series and connecting to the network.

Features Broken Down:

Diameter and Body Color Options
  • Diameters come in 40, 50, 60, and 70mm options.
  • Body colors come in off-white, black, or silver options for select diameters.
    • 40mm: Off-white, Silver
    • 50mm: Off-white, Silver*, Black*
    • 60mm: Off-white, Silver
    • 70mm: Off-white, Silver*, Black*
    • 100mm: Off-white
*Terminal block type only
Buzzer/Flashing Units
  • Add Buzzer/Flashing unit for buzzer sounds and to allow flashing on lights for more signaling classifications.
  • The LR Buzzer has 4 alarm sounds to choose from.
  • Buzzer module is fully enclosed and maintains protection rating for water and dust.
LED Modules
  • Modules available in Red, Amber, Green, Blue, and White.
  • Clear modules in Red, Amber, Green, and Blue available for LR4, LR5, and LR6.
  • Multi-color LED module available for LR6 (Red, Amber, Cyan, Blue, Green, Purple, White).
  • A simple twist-and-lock system makes reconfiguration for the LR LED modules easy to customize.

Base Options

  • 12V DC available in LR5 models.
  • 24V DC available in all sizes.
  • 100-240V AC available for LR4 and LR6 models.
  • Select LR5 and LR7 available in terminal block style*.
*Terminal block styles come in direct-mount and knock-out mount body units only.

Mounting Options
  • Choose from pole-mount, wall-mount, folding-bracket, L-bracket, circular bracket, or direct mount to fit your specific application.
  • Select pre-assembled models are available.
  • Poles and mounting brackets also sold separately as optional parts.
Manual Control Towers Available
  • The HSST Kit features the LR5 as a plot-and-go tower complete with an AC adaptor, push buttons, two-position mounting bracket, and poles

  • Customizable VSST Series features the industrial grade switch box on a L-bracket pole-mount. 1 to 5 tier with flashing/buzzer option.
IP69K Rated Signal Towers
  • Total dust / high temperature & high pressure wash down safe
  • Available in 24V DC or 100-240V AC
  • M12 connection or lead wires
  • Direct or M30 nut mounting

The LR Series and Connecting to the Network
  • LR6-USB is an LR Signal Tower which can be connected to your network via USB, with open architecture and compatibility with Windows and Linux for easy integration.
  • The LR6-IL is an LR Signal Tower that can easily be integrated to your IO-Link system using a single cable.
  • The NH and PHE Series share the same LED modules as the LR Series, making it possible to interchange modules as needed.

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