April 12, 2021

News “flash”!

In this issue of the PATLETTER, we're here to introduce a couple of our products that flash. The LPT warning lights and SL signal beacons both have vibrant, reliable flash patterns that'll be sure to help your workplace stay alert.

LPT Warning Lights

Vibrancy, Reliability, and Durability

The LPT series is a highly durable and compact warning light suitable for a variety of applications including AGVs, forklifts, shelving, and industrial machinery. It is equipped with 4 different flash patterns: triple flash, extreme warning flash, continuous on, and blinking. Its thin profile (13.55mm deep) allows the lights to be installed on a variety of surfaces. With 4 color options (Red, Amber, Green, Blue) it is possible to color-code statuses based on your specific application needs. Up to 20 units can be daisy-chained to flash in a synchronized or alternating pattern, making uniform indication possible even in large areas.

The LPTs have a rugged construction with a vibration resistance of 90m/s so that it can endure shocks and jolts when installed on vehicles and moving equipment. With an IP68 protection rating, the durable LPT body is resistant to water and dust, making them suitable for nearly any application. Its maintenance-free design uses ultra-bright LEDs that last over 100,000 hours, and the specially designed lens enhances long-distance visibility (over 300m).

LPT Warning Lights

Ensuring Safety with AGVs (LPT)

At this busy fulfillment center, thousands of products are prepared for shipping every day. Both workers and AGVs hustle around the warehouse floor to pick and transport items that need to be packed, making it crucial to maintain safety so that no one is injured. The LPT warning lights are installed on the surface of each AGV to signal its status and alert workers around them. The slim profile and ultra-bright flash patterns make the LPT perfect for clear indications in this bustling environment.

When the AGV is operating normally, the LPT displays a standard ‘blinking’ pattern. However, when a person or object is blocking the route of the moving AGV, the LPT flashes its ‘extreme warning’ pattern to alert workers so that they can clear the area and avoid collisions. Similarly, when a worker or object is obstructing the AGV from moving, the LPT displays a ‘triple flash’ so that nearby workers can notice right away and resolve the issue. Finally, while the AGV is loading and unloading items, the ‘continuous’ light pattern is displayed. The 4 flash patterns of the LPT make it easy for workers to recognize the status of each AGV.

LPT Warning Lights

Simultaneous Flash Pattern Operation (LPT)

Multiple LPT warning lights are installed on the equipment of this car wash tunnel. Thanks to its ultra-bright LED, these LPTs serve not only as status indicators, but also as illumination inside the tunnel. In addition, the IP68 dust and water-proof protection rating make these LPTs safe to use near the water sprays in this humid environment. There are a total of 20 LPT units being used in this car wash tunnel, and because they are daisy-chained, the flash patterns of all the units operate simultaneously, making status indications clear throughout the entire car wash tunnel.

Each of the 4 flash patterns of the LPTs represent different statuses of the wash cycle. When displaying the ‘continuous’ pattern, this indicates that the equipment is ready for the next car in line. When the equipment is operating normally during the wash cycle, the LPTs emits the standard ‘blinking’ pattern. However, when there is an issue with the equipment such as leaks, and low fluid levels, the LPTs flash an ‘extreme warning’ pattern to alert workers. At the end of the wash cycle, the ‘triple flash’ pattern is used to signal to the driver that the wash is complete, and it is safe to drive away.

SL Flashing Beacons

The Next Evolution of Beacons

The SL flashing beacons are one of PATLITE’s newest signal beacon series. The display patterns of the SL beacons include triple flash, blinking, and continuous on. The SL beacons are designed with a newly developed fresnel lens, which presents a wider light-emitting surface compared to previous models, allowing for a higher luminous intensity. Furthermore, the detailed texture of the lens achieves even, ambient light distribution around the perimeter of the beacon, including the top.

The SL beacons are available in 3 sizes (Φ80mm, Φ100mm, and Φ150mm) and 4 LED colors (Red, Amber, Green, and Blue). It also comes in 2 voltage ranges (12-24V DC or 100-240V AC), and wiring options (cable or terminal block), and an optional audible alarm. Additionally, the versatile beacons have a wide range of mounting options to suit any application. In addition to a standard direct mount configuration, there are optional parts for wall, pole, and ceiling mount, as well as rubber gaskets for waterproofing. Depending on the mounting configuration, the beacons can hold a protection rating of up to IP66.

SL Flashing Beacons

Visual and Audible Alerts (SL)

An SL beacon is mounted onto this control panel which monitors the water pump equipment at a water treatment plant. When the water pumps are operating normally, the beacon light is on continuously. However, when the control panel senses a malfunction that could turn into an equipment failure, the SL beacon emits a blinking pattern to alert operators. When a critical error is detected that requires immediate attention, the SL displays a triple flash pattern along with a buzzer tone to ensure that the issue is not left unnoticed.