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Programmable Multi-color Signal Tower, PoE-enabled, Supports Modbus TCP/IP and HTTP protocols

LA6-5DTNWB-POE - Programmable Signal Tower

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Equipped with 21 colors and 11 alarms, Direct Mount, Off-white Body
Price: USD $598.00

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Product Code: LA6-5DTNWB-POE

Description Technical Specs
Ethernet Modbus TCP & TCP/IP, POE (DC48V), Alarm, Direct mount, off-white body

  • Ethernet connection with PoE (Power over Ethernet) support, enabling single cable installation
  • Supports Modbus TCP/IP and HTTP protocols to work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure indication
  • Supports SOCKET communication, an application-level protocol called PNS (developed by PATLITE) to establish connection between client and server to control
  • Built-in web interface for quick and easy configuration
  • Includes 21 programmable LED colors and 11 selectable alarms
  • Features a mirroring function for mirroring visual and audible status on up to 8 LA6-POE slave devices in remote locations
  • Built-in terminal block as an alternative installation method

Programmable PoE Connected Signal Tower Video
Improve Stock Picking With LA6-POE
Fully programmable multi-color signal tower to replace the standard stack lights.
Use the
LA6 Editor to configure your signal Tower

Time Trigger Mode: Display animations that transition at preset timings. Animations are triggered initially by an input of command and run based on set timings. *Common Applications: Production Cycle Time, Take Time System, Run Light

Pulse Trigger Mode: Display animations or patterns in fixed sequences. Sequences are triggered by inputs, commands or setting elapsed timings. *Common Applications: Pressure or Temperature Display

Single Light Mode: Display one color throughout the tower for easy visibility. Animations transition at preset timings, and triggered by an input of command and run based on set timings. *Common Applications: Status Indication, Level Monitoring

Other Effects: Display custom patterns from 21 different colors for extreme situations.

11 Alarm Sounds
2400Hz Continuous
2400Hz Rapid Intermittent
2400Hz Long Intermittent
2400Hz Fast Intermittent
3600Hz Continuous
3600Hz Rapid Intermittent
3600Hz Long Intermittent
3600Hz Fast Intermittent
2400Hz 3375Hz Multiplexed
2400Hz 3600Hz Multiplexed
4000Hz 4800Hz Multiplexed

22mm dia, 100mm aluminum pole - no threads, silver
Desktop Platform for LA6-POE Series
Upper pole bracket - LR6-USB. Off white
22mm dia, 300mm aluminum pole - no threads, silver
Price: USD $27.00
Price: USD $94.00
Price: USD $27.00
Price: USD $30.00
POLE-100A21+O0109 LA6-POE Desktop Platform - SZW-060W SZP-004W POLE-300A21+O0109
22mm dia, 800mm aluminum pole - no threads, silver
Wall mount bracket. Off white
Price: USD $37.00
Price: USD $24.00
POLE-800A21+O0109 SZK-003W